From his birthplace in Munich, Germany to the fashion centers of Milan, Paris and Madrid, to his now home in metro Boston, MA— self-proclaimed "Military Brat (and then some)," Kim Kennedy brings passion, talent and an eclectic international flair to his photography craft.

Kim was first introduced to the art by his father, who was never without his camera. As a child Kim and his father, who was stationed in the US military overseas, traveled the world documenting their journeys.

"I remember sitting in my Dad's VW bus poking my head out of the sunroof watching him shoot over the top of the Iron Curtain—from the West to the East... with tripod and shutter release... It (the camera) was our Homemade Periscope," explains Kennedy.

In his late teens, Kim chose to turn those surreptitiously executed photo shoots of The Wall into a lifetime pursuit. He returned stateside to study photography formally at Franklin Institute and New England school of Photography in Boston, MA.

Upon completing his studies, he Kennedy became a world traveler once again. Armed only with his camera, he set out to shoot some of the most striking people and places on earth. "I was once told after having my book reviewed, that I just make people look beautiful. Simply put— I never met anyone who had a problem looking at beautiful." K.K.

In his tenure in the fashion business, Kim Kennedy has worked in house as the Senior Fashion Photographer for Filene's Boston and as the Principal for K Squared Studios. His list of notable dients indudes: Macy's West, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, Casual Male, RedCats USA, Samsonite, Cynthia Steffe, Arnold Worldwide Advertising, McCann-Erickson Worldwide and Satchi & Satchi. His editorial work has appeared in: Spanish Marie Claire, Spanish Elle, The Source, Spanish Vogue, Man Magazine and others.

Although his professional photo shoots still take him to some of the most glamorous cities of the world including: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Madrid and Paris, Kim now makes his home with his wife and their young daughter in the metro Boston area. In addition to his love of family and photography, Kim spends his free time skiing, "marathoning" and searching for the bountiful treasures of the deep!


Clients: Ralph Lauren Reebok Adidas Kenneth Cole Casual Male RedCats USA Samsonite Cynthia Steffe Arnold Worldwide Advertising McCann-Erickson Worldwide Satchi & Satchi Josephine Chaus TJ Max Georges Chakra

Magazines: Spanish Marie Claire Spanish Elle The Source Spanish Vogue Man Magazine Revista DT Cosmopolitan en Espanol Pashion Telva

Celebrities: Snoop Dog LL Cool J Christopher Walken Paul Pierce Jay Mohr Sting Sheryl Crow Metallica Cranberries Rick James Tatiana Ali Carolina Herrera Serena Williams Yo-el Cassell